Successful collaboration with clients and independent professionals

You can continue to collaborate successfully with your client with Uniforce’s Declarabele Uren BV (DUBV). The entrepreneurial form for professionals who want to do business independently and freely and/or who want the security of the social system. You can read more about this in our white papers (available in Dutch).

The entrepreneurial form for professionals for 18 years

Uniforce has been providing an entrepreneurial form for 18 years, where you are a socially insured employee within the DUBV that you set up together with Uniforce. You can work for who you want and as long as you want. As a Uniforce professional, you can work from the DUBV with all agreements (for services) and no restrictions. Any assignment is possible without risk. By hiring Uniforce professionals, your client has a 100% guarantee that he is not an employer and does not have to pay withholding taxes and social insurance contributions. As a result, you are entirely free with regard to the details and duration of the assignment. In addition, as an employee within the DUBV, you have income security thanks to the social system.

How does this work?

You set up a Declarabele Uren B.V. (DUBV) together with Uniforce Group. You are 80% shareholder, executive director and director of the DUBV. Uniforce Group has no profit sharing right. Within the DUBV, there is a certain authority relationship. This results in employment between you and the DUBV. You are both a director and an employee. If you have a sole proprietorship your tax position changes, which could mean a DUBV is financially less favourable. For a B.V. the tax position does not change.



No profit right
Restricted voting rights



Full profit right
Please note: not the tax benefits of a sole proprietorship

Hoe werkt het?

Samen met Uniforce Group richt je een Declarabele Uren B.V. (DUBV) op. Jij bent voor 80% aandeelhouder, directeur en bestuurder van de B.V.. Uniforce Group heeft geen recht op winstdeling. Binnen de B.V. is er een bepaalde gezagsverhouding. Hierdoor ontstaat er een dienstverband met je B.V.. Je bent zowel directeur als werknemer. Let er wel op dat je fiscale positie wijzigt t.o.v een eenmanszaak. Hierdoor kan een B.V financieel minder gunstig zijn.



Geen winstrecht
Beperkt stemrecht



Volledig winstrecht
Let op: niet de fiscale voordelen van een eenmanszaak

Uniforce Registration Declaration

If you manage the DUBV properly, you will receive the Uniforce Registration Declaration (VUR) from Uniforce each year. This declaration allows you to second yourself to clients without risk. This can be directly at the end customer’s or via an intermediary. The VUR removes all the risks related to the employment relationship arising from the hiring of freelancers/self-employed workers without employees for the client. With the VUR you can work for the same client for years and it is also possible to work under supervision and management.

Proven to be succesfull

Working from the DUBV has proven to be a succesfull entrepreneurial form. For over 18 years.

Costs Uniforce Professionals

As a Uniforce Professional, you pay a fixed monthly amount of €170 for the concept costs. Whether a DUBV fits your needs depends on many factors. Our consultant will be happy to discuss this with you. These factors are also discussed during the initial processing procedure so that you are well informed in advance.


You can work for whom you want and for as long as you want. There are no restrictions from the Assessment of Employment Relationships (Deregulation) Act.

Social security

Unemployment Insurance Act (WW) & Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA)
You get access to the social system (WW/WIA).


You can fall back on the knowledge of all affiliated Uniforce professionals.


You get first-class legal support and advice on business issues.

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Han Veldhuis

Uniforce Professional

Projectmanager IT

“I plot my own course and that gives me a huge sense of freedom. I became a Uniforce business partner because I also place great store in security”.

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How can I sign up?

Do you want to sign up? Welcome! We would like to meet you personally and explain how everything works. It seems complicated, but in practice, it is very easy. The steps are listed here below:


During a free consultation, we will look at whether our concept is the best for you. That might not be the case.


The DUBV’s incorporation deed is signed at the civil-law notary’s, you open an account with the bank and deposit equity (€80). The DUBV is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and registered with the Tax Authorities for withholding taxes and VAT. Of course, we will help you at every step of the way.

Getting to work!

You take out sick leave insurance (ZVV) and receive your VUR. Now you can get on with things without a care in the world.

Plan a free consultation without obligation.

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We would like to meet you, discuss your situation, give you good and honest advice and obviously explain how you can use this unique entrepreneurial form for independent professionals.



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