The Declarabele Uren B.V. (DUBV) is an entrepreneurial form for independent professionals, which Uniforce Group sets up together with you. As the employer, the DUBV is the contracting party towards the client. You can be seconded from the DUBV and work with all agreements (for services). This means you are free in the choice and length of an assignment. In addition, you are covered by social insurance.

Advantages of a DUBV for an independent professional/self-employed worker without employees

  • Freedom in choice and length of assignment
  • No restrictions on agreements for services
  • Social security: security of the social security net for both unemployment benefit (WW) and incapacity for work (WIA)
  • Continued payment of salary by the DUBV in case of illness and pregnancy
  • Client completely exempt from withholding taxes
  • A stable and reliable form of entrepreneurship for self-employed workers for over 18 years

Video: ‘Work for whoever you want for as long as you want’.

What does a DUBV entail?
As an independent professional, you receive 80 shares and the full profit rights. You are the director of the DUBV and thus responsible for the day-to-day affairs of your business. Uniforce Group has 20 shares and no profit rights. Uniforce Group controls the appointment and dismissal policy for the director and monitors compliance with quality rules. This authority creates an employment agreement within the DUBV. The authority concerns rules on:

  • keeping records.
  • due care.
  • correctly executing legal obligations.

If these quality rules are met we may issue the Uniforce Registration Statement (VUR).

Because of this arrangement, as an independent professional you are also an employee of the DUBV, as well as the entrepreneur/director of the DUBV. You are insured as an employee in the social system and therefore have the security of the social security net if things are not going well (WW/WIA).

Is the DUBV for you?
Setting up a DUBV begins with an initial processing meeting with a Uniforce adviser. This will show whether the Uniforce concept is an entrepreneurial form that suits you. That might not be the case. If it is the case, then signing the declaration of intent (preparatory agreement) is the first step towards incorporation.

Incorporating the DUBV
The next step in the incorporation process is signing the DUBV’s deed of incorporation. This is done at the civil-law notary. You open an account with the bank and deposit the share capital (€80). The DUBV is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and registered with the Tax Authorities for withholding taxes and VAT. We supervise you every step of the way. The incorporation process takes an average of two weeks.

Uniforce Registration Declaration (VUR)
After taking out sick leave insurance (ZVV), you will receive the VUR. This declaration allows you to second yourself to clients without risk. The VUR takes away all employment law and tax risks for the client. If you manage the DUBV well, you receive the VUR from Uniforce each year.

The DUBV can be incorporated from €400 excluding VAT (one-time incorporation fee, amount depends on which notary you choose). In addition, you will deposit share capital of €80. The fixed monthly concept costs are €170.

If you already have an accountant or administrative office, you can continue to use them. Otherwise, you can contact one of the accountants and administrative offices from our partner network.

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