Hiring professionals doesn’t have to be risky

Work together unrestrictedly with independent professionals. Management and supervision are no problem at all. When you hire Uniforce professionals, you can rest assured that you do not have to pay withholding taxes and social security contributions nor do you have any other employer’s obligations. Thanks to the Uniforce concept, the DUBV, you can hire Uniforce professionals unlimitedly and risk-free for each assignment.

The DUBV is an entrepreneurial form that consists of a combination of independent entrepreneurship and employeeship within a specially incorporated B.V. for Uniforce professionals. This means you don’t have to worry about the employment relationship. The Uniforce professional is compulsorily ensured for employee insurance schemes in respect of his employment with the DUBV. With Uniforce Professionals you can make agreements about the performance of the work, you can control the work, you can have the same professional perform the same assignment for several years, the professional can work in a team and he or she can form an important part of the business operations of your organisation. This will enable you to continue working together with professionals successfully.

Download the white paper (in Dutch): ‘Hiring international professionals doesn’t have to be risky’


Hirer’s (guarantee) agreement

Uniforce controls the files of the independent professionals. A VUR (Uniforce Registration Declaration) is only issued to the professional when the file is complete. This document means the client and independent professional never run the risk of fines later on. When you hire a professional who provides a valid VUR, you as a client are 100% safeguarded against additional assessments for withholding taxes/national insurance contributions, employee insurance contributions and ZVW income-dependent contributions. If you are working with a Uniforce Professional then you can use the Hirer’s (Guarantee) Agreement..

Vicarious tax liability

Uniforce has taken out hirer’s liability insurance. This means that there is no financial risk from vicarious tax liability.

Your partner in employment relationship issues

The rules on work are changing due to adjustments by politics and legislation. The responsibilities for hiring independent professionals are shifting towards the client. What will change now that you have to work with model agreements? We are happy to assist you in preparing for these changes. Our specialists advise and supervise employers/clients of highly trained and specialised staff in the process of thought-out flexibilisation.
Our HR advice is based on the “Flexible Work Building” concept. This is a well thought through mix of more and less flexible forms of work suitable for the organisation, so that the employer does not run irresponsible risks, is flexible and saves costs, gains critical skills and retains an overview.
It is also possible to include the Uniforce concept in your range of services, in addition to payrolling, seconding and posting for example. A large number of intermediaries offer their professionals the opportunity to set up a DUBV via Uniforce. We assist the professional in setting up the DUBV and completing his file so that he can soon get to work with a VUR at your customer.

They already know the added value of Uniforce professionals:

Professional Bankers over Uniforce

Harold Schiller

Professional Bankers

“If we work with self-employed workers then we work with Uniforce professionals. They have peace and quiet, especially at home: your affairs are well managed. And then you can focus on your work 100%”.

Red-Men over Uniforce

Pieter Kranenburg
Paul Kraak

Oracle specialist Red-Men

“We want to work with people who are independent and choose for the full freedom of enterprise. That’s why we recommend Uniforce to our professionals”.

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